• 又遭逆转!中超3连败,鲁能被打回原形

    'So what if I am.?' said Hermione coolly, though her face was a little pink. 'I can have a pen-pal if I - '

  • 奥尼尔儿子晒自己和妹子的合影

    Harry remembered Hagrid mentioning this pub in his first year: 'Yeh get a lot o' funny folk in the Hog's Head,' he had said, explaining how he had won a dragon's egg from a hooded stranger there. At the time Harry had wondered why Hagrid had not found it odd that the stranger kept his face hidden throughout their encounter; now he saw that keeping your face hidden was something of a fashion in the Hog's Head. There was a man at the bar whose whole head was wrapped in dirty grey bandages, though he was still managing to gulp endless glasses of some smoking, fiery substance through a slit over his mouth; two figures shrouded in hoods sat at a table in one of the windows; Harry might have thought them Dementors if they had not been talking in strong Yorkshire accents, and in a shadowy corner beside the fireplace sat a witch with a thick, black veil that fell to her toes. They could just see the tip of her nose because it caused the veil to protrude slightly.

  • 前皇马主帅本哈克:莱万正为去皇马做准备

    'Oh, yes, Dumbledore's excellent,' said Professor Grubbly-Plank heartily. 'Yes, I'm very happy with the way things are run, very happy indeed.'

  • 大奖赛北仑站中国女排3-0胜德国取得两连胜

    'When did this - when did she -?'

  • 多特主管:姆希塔良的未来本周将有结果

    'Why do we have to do it outside school?' said Ron.

  • 大阿德托昆博将参加小牛自由球员迷你训练营

    The morning of the Hogsmeade visit dawned bright but windy. Alter breakfast they queued up in front of Filch, who matched their names to the long list of students who had permission from their parents or guardian to visit the village. With a slight pang, Harry remembered that if it hadn't been for Sirius, he would not have been going at all.

  • 坎姆-牛顿参与录制全新少儿节目

    'You just said this group was the most important thing you'd do this year,' Harry reminded him.